Confidentiality & Safeguarding

Confidentiality & safeguarding

When we meet a child, young person or family, we explain what records will be kept, who can access them and how. These records are confidential and we’ll normally only contact another professional or agency with permission. However, should we be concerned that an individual is at risk of harm from somebody else, or of harming themselves or another person, then we would need to act to minimise this risk.

At the first appointment, we ask the child’s parent/guardian or young person (if over 16 years old) to sign a consent form. This contains details of the people that they agree we can talk to, to gather or exchange any additional relevant information. This usually includes the GP, services or family members who are actively involved, such as teachers, school nurses or counsellors, social care, parent support advisors, youth offending workers etc. We will not discuss a child/young person/family’s details with anyone else without seeking their consent first.

However, should we believe that a child or young person is at risk through information received or clinical judgement, we are bound to act outside this agreement and follow Norfolk County Council’s Child Protection Procedures. In such circumstances, this would be with the knowledge of the family or young person, unless to make them aware would place them at greater risk of harm.



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