What Happens Next – Age 4-11

What happens next

Firstly the request for support will be looked at by the team at our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) they will check that we’re the best service for you. They may contact your parents or carers and any other services that are working with you to make sure they have a good understanding of what’s going on for you. Then they will either pass your referral on to the team who will provide support for you or signpost/refer you to another service that will better suit your needs.

If your referral is passed on to one of the area teams in the 4-11 service, we’ll invite you to come and see us. We’ll also ask a parent, carer or support worker to come with you.

Don’t worry. The appointment is just to help us gather more information about you and your situation. For you it’s an opportunity to start getting support to help you deal with your difficulty.

At your appointment you’ll get to meet with a Point 1 worker.  They will listen to you and your family or carers, and make a plan to help you cope with your difficulty.

This plan might include:

  • Talking to someone one-to-one about your difficulty
  • Joining other children who have the same difficulty in a group, to learn how to deal with it
  • Finding out what you and your family/carers can do together to help you cope better

Whatever is in the plan, it will be designed just for you, so you can start getting the help you need as soon as possible.


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