COVID-19 Service Update:

We know that for many families this will be a very challenging time, and we want to reassure you that our teams are working hard to continue to offer services to children and young people experiencing mental health issues.  We are not currently offering face to face sessions, but we can offer self-help advice, telephone and video support (subject to normal wait times).

For advice and support, please call us on 0800 977 4077 or email  You do not need to complete a referral form.

For enquiries about the Link programme, email

The office is staffed Monday – Friday 08:00 – 13:00 and 14:00-19:00, Saturday 08:00 – 13:00

How To Involve Point-1

How to involve Point-1

You can ask any professional or support worker working with you and your infant, child or young person (0-17 years) to refer him or her to Point-1. For example, this may be your GP, Health Visitor, Children’s Centre worker, your child’s teacher or Children’s Services worker or any voluntary agency working with you and your child.

Alternatively, you can request a referral directly, through our Single Point of Contact (SPOC) team by:

  • telephone 0800 977 4077
  • writing to SPOC, Point-1, Floor 2, 11 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1BD
  • fax  01493 331926
  • email

Young people over 14 can independently contact us using the same phone number and address.

Waiting times

All referrers and parents/carers will receive acknowledgement of a referral being made within 5 working days, in the form of a letter. We then contact families direct to discuss the referral, make sure it’s appropriate for our service, and offer signposting advice and guidance alongside a telephone assessment.

As soon as a Point-1 worker is available in your local area, you will be contacted and offered an appointment for your child in one of our clinics.

If no worker is immediately available, we’ll place you on the waiting list. You can request telephone support in the meantime. Simply contact us and a duty worker will respond as soon as possible, within 3-4 working days.

If your concerns about your child increase, or you believe their needs to have become more urgent while your child is on our waiting list, we advise they visit their GP in the first instance. See In an emergency for more information.

Confidentiality & safeguarding

When we meet you and your infant, child or young person, we will explain what records will be kept, who can access them and how. These records are confidential and we will normally only contact another professional or agency with your permission.

At the first appointment, we ask you (or the young person if they are over 16 years old) to sign a consent form. This contains details of the people you and your child/young person agree we can talk to – such as their doctor, a teacher or a support worker. It is possible that by talking to these people, we can get more information or help them to understand what is going on for your child. We will not discuss your child/young person or your family’s details with anyone other than these agreed nominated people without seeking your consent.

The only exception is if we have been given any information or are led to believe that your child is at risk of harm from somebody else, or of harming themselves or another person. If so, we are able to act outside of this agreement to reduce this risk, following formal procedures (such as Norfolk County Council’s Child Protection Procedures). But we will always try and discuss it with you first if possible.

Submitting information about referrals;

Point 1 will not accept information on referrals unless the client and their family are aware and have explicitly consented or requested to the information being submitted.

Professionals who are aware of the referral but not directly involved in the case should deal with any information that they have/receive about a child or young person according to the policies and procedures of their own organisation.
If you are unclear whether the information you wish to provide falls under either category, please call us for an anonymous consultation.


0800 977 4077
Email Point-1